from by Snailhead



Lay low so days go by slow
Hit the bowl watch as time goes
Blind folds, no need got my eyes closed
Still asleep feet deep in some ice flows

That's cold, buried feeling polar
Last to be back, chewed out like a molar
My father's like son, I'm like bro call me solar
Talking bout power my system, I'll show ya

Enough with the rain checks, I need to rain dance
Feelin aimless, so here's the apex
Gonna do my own thing
Gonna get my life back
And I know one thing
You weren't the climax
Might make my cliff notes
A boat that capsized
Shallow in a reef
We were dancing on a land mine
And time will tell
It likes to gossip
So do they
Play dead, opossum

Laced the skunk wit' that honey
The funk's heavy, it sits in the air
Breathe smoke, blow smoke, ya don't care


from Eating Animals, track released April 3, 2012
Vocals and lyrics - Timothy Zen



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Snailhead Manchester, UK

Snailhead is from The North of England.

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