Survival Of The Suspicious

from by Snailhead



Eye lids heavy but I can't quite close 'em
Staying up all night til light breaks open
Across the sky, seeing pink and purple pin stripes
Retinas stinging like a sea turtle's wind pipes
Wind turbine, my mind winds in circular motions
Lost thoughts splashing like the waves of the ocean
Ticking like the hands of the hourglass
Dripping like the sands as the hours pass

Check my clock, it's digital
Analogue went out of style with the dirigibles
It's been a while, at least I think it's been a while
Have we gone a mile? I think we've gone a mile
This dial says we've been moving for a long time
Orbiting, the Earth, number 3 in a short line
Elipse, I miss the days when days were longer
Nights are alright, but nothing beats the summer
Blizzard warning and it should be coming on soon
Slipping on the ice, I would much prefer a monsoon
Wouldn't you? Yeah dude. Okay.

Then the king cracks up he's not suspicious
He didn't last too long with no ambitions
But sleep and time dull the senses
Amazing scenes when I keep my eyes wide right

With my hands by my side
And my face to the sky
No difference when I close my eyes

I'm still alive, so it's time to keep breathing
How can you live when you think you are dreaming?
More like a nightmare
Cause life's not fair
And I'm supposed to be a king
But I get greeted with despair
Now my chair's gone, and the crown too
They were taken from me, for the loving of you
It was seen as a sign, divine, fine whatever
To tell the truth I didn't want to live forever

Then things get bigger on horizon
With planets and space all colliding
I'll bury my head in the sand
And relive the past in my mind

Here's a word from the wise
That you'll never get it right
So all we've got
Is regret, regret, regret, regret

Oxygen's gone
And I cannot get a breathe in
Burned by the Sun
I guess I'm an exception
Please, I'd like to breathe or at least see
That's what I need to believe Me


from Eating Animals, track released April 3, 2012
Additional vocals and lyrics - Timothy Zen



all rights reserved


Snailhead Manchester, UK

Snailhead is from The North of England.

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